A company founded by three brothers

Tas-Trans Oy was founded in 1987 by the three Vierre brothers Tapio, Anssi and Seppo. A local company was also acquired in connection with the start-up as its own business, with which the transport equipment was also supplemented. The business started at Forssa developed rapidly to a significant size already in the early 1990s.

In the early years of the company, rubber wheels rolled not only in Finland, but also in the Nordic countries, Russia and Central Europe. Since then, the company has focused on domestic transportation of industrial concrete products, for example, and diversified heat-controlled freight transportation in Central and Southern Europe. There is contractual traffic both in Finland and in the Nordic countries.

The Vierre brothers represent transport professionals for a third generation, as their fathers and grandfathers have also been notable in the industry. Before establishing their own company, each of the brothers worked in the transport sector in various roles – such as drivers, moto-drivers and trainers.

Today, the company’s 800-square-meter logistics centre, with offices and service halls, is located in the south-western town of Forssa, about an hour from Helsinki, Turku and Tampere.

With the acquisition, Tas-Trans Oy is a subsidiary of Kuljetus Tornikoski Oy and Tas-Trans Oy has been managed by Susanne Tornikoski since January 2021. All the Vierre brothers are still employed by the company.

Learn more about our parent company – Kuljetus Tornikoski Oy

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