A versatile transportation group at your service

Kuljetus Tornikoski Oy and Tas-Trans Oy form a competent transport group for their customers. We serve our customers in a wide variety of transportation needs in the Nordic countries, the Cap of the North region and Central and Southern Europe. In other words, we are operating exactly where we are needed today. We work with decades of experience – professionally, customer-driven, reliably and responsibly.

Our technical premises and offices are located at Kuivasjärvi in Oulu and in Forssa near good connections. In both locations, we also have unloading and loading possibilities with a loader, if necessary.

Through our website, you can login with your LogiApps ID to the system that serves Kuljetus Tornikoski Oy’s standard transport orders.

Knowledgeable service on the roads

Transport professionals at your service

We are happy to serve and assist you in all matters related to our transportation services. We will resolve your logistical needs with professionalism, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. In our service, we have the best people in the industry.

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