A Family Business Since 1948

Kuljetus Tornikoski Oy is the parent company of our transport group. The company was founded by our current CEO Marko Tornikoski’s grandfather – Heimo – in 1948. After Heimo, Kuljetus Tornikoski was ran by his son Seppo, and Marko became interested early to join the industry.

These three generations of transport experts had the chance to work together on interesting tasks for our transport company. Work was found for everyone in transportation, administration and other key company activities. They enjoyed their work and the company evolved.

Nowadays, our company employs highly skilled personnel for challenging and skilled transportation tasks. They serve customers knowing their needs, cooperating and taking cost-effectiveness into account. For us, providing a reliable service experience is a priority in every customer encounter.

We serve industrial and engineering charter transports and project based traffic in the Nordic countries, the main business being machine and special transportation with open equipment. Since the beginning of our operations, our services have also included particularly demanding transportation in the Cap of the North region.

We are able to adapt to the situation, react flexibly and implement the transportation solution for our customer’s individual needs. We address this challenge by providing our customers with excellent service.

Our family business has been a stable specialist in its field for nine decades. We value our staff and, as an employer, we strive to be among the most desirable employers in the industry.

Through our website, you can login with your LogiApps ID to the system that serves Kuljetus Tornikoski Oy’s standard transport orders.

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We are happy to serve and assist you in all matters related to our transportation services. We will resolve your logistical needs with professionalism, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. In our service, we have the best people in the industry.

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