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Sales and driving arrangements e-mail serves both Kuljetus Tornikoski Oy and Tas-Trans Oy.

On this page you can also find our billing information.

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Tapio Vierre

Domestic transportation Tas-Trans Oy

+358 400 611 258


Seppo Vierre

European traffic Tas-Trans Oy

+358 40 526 0369

Lippu Lippu

Antti Vaittinen

Development Manager

+358 451 343 343

Lippu Lippu Lippu

Anssi Vierre

Vehicle Manager Tas-Trans Oy

+358 40 072 2072

Lippu Lippu

Marko Tornikoski

Entrepreneur, Managing Director Kuljetus Tornikoski Oy

+358 500 566 614

Lippu Lippu Lippu

Susanne Tornikoski

Managing Director Tas-Trans Oy

+358 440 388 662

Lippu Lippu
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Billing information

We prefer your invoices as e-invoices. Below you’ll find company-specific billing information.

Kuljetus Tornikoski Oy



e-invoice address: 003708690288
Operator: Basware
Member ID: BAWCFI22


Tas-Trans Oy



e-invoice address: 003706888194
Operator: Basware
Member ID: BAWCFI22